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Transferia, 10min, The Hague, 2019

Venus, 2019, snakeskin, beeswax, resin, pigment, paper

Crying, 2019, blotter paper, cement, candles

Sulfur, 2019, 3D print, pigment, resin, fire crackers, sun, moon

Foam-born, 2019, drawing, shell

Memento Mori, 2019, bat wing, bee hive, flower, shells, battery, fire crackers

Lente, 2019, blotter paper, cement, candles

Ouroboros, 2019, snake skin, resin, pigment, flowers, feather, butterfly

Narcissus, 2019, fabric, pigment, resin, butterfly, bat, flowers, peacock feathers, paper

Technosfeer, 2019, 3Dscans, motherboard

Peacock's tail, 2019, silk, snake skin, peacock feather, flowers, paper

Performance, 45min, Onze Ambassade Festival, West, The Hague, 2019

Persephone & Demeter (60min, Amsterdam / The Hague / Tenerife 2017/2018)

Persephone & Demeter - Installation at De Ateliers 2018

Persephone & Demeter (Amsterdam / The Hague / Tenerife ’17/’18)

Work in progress (Amsterdam, 2017)


One Way Ticket (50 min, Los Angeles, 2016)

Two people get to hear that they’ve been chosen to go on a one way trip to another planet. The film follows them on their last days on earth.



   bubblegum, water lily



   korean wedding silk, oil paint, go away evil spiritual powder

Horror Vacui (13min, The Hague, 2015)

Three teenagers spend their time inside one of their houses. They fantasize about places they’d rather be.



   silk, oil paint, aphrodisia spiritual powder

Nostalgia For Fluorine Green Grass (14min, Tokyo, 2015)

A boy rather lives inside a computergame than in the real world. Wandering through Tokyo, he is looking for an outerspace place to live.

 going back home


   leaves and oil paint on canvas

Dromomania (19min, Daegu, South Korea, 2015)

After being invented inside the laboratory, a robot is send to his new home where his job is to accompany a woman. The robot’s inventor’s made him so intelligent, that he get’s fed up with his job.

’’To keep my spirit fresh, I train my brain. My many brains!


In mind, I am surfing on the galactic disk and the horizon of Mona Lisa’s smile.


From the back of a Plesiosaurus, I hop on the back of Napoleons prancing horse.


I snap my fingers on the beat of passing light years.


And when I’m tired I let Shiva cradle me in his arms like a new born baby.’’

 Symbiose II



 Dag des



newspaper, acrylic paint, wood

Untitled (performance, loop, Amsterdam, 2015)




Frans & Ellis (7min, The Hague, 2014)

A young couple wonders what to do that day.

 Symbiose III


   15 x 15 cm, 3D print